Attune Yourself To The Power Of Hands On Healing!Learn To Master Reiki And Become A Balanced, Happier Person!Want to Become Reiki Master?Reiki practice and training levels
Attune Yourself To The Power Of Hands On Healing!
Learn To Master Reiki And Become A Balanced, Happier Person!
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Join Energy Healing Practitioners Global Summit for Meaningful Grounding Practices

Join us for The Energy Medicine and Healing Summit, where you’ll discover 35+ of today’s highly sought-after teachers, doctors, and healers — including Dr. Judith Orloff, Gregg Braden, Read more
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Energy Medicine Advanced Practices with Sue Morter – Event + Training

Dr. Sue Morter developed her world-renowned Energy Code teachings… so you can clear the way for profound and the ability to co-create EVERYTHING in your life. Dr. Sue Read more
what is reiki healing energy

What is Reiki Energy Healing

So What is Reiki Energy Healing? The Japanese word “Reiki” refers to a unique technique that is used for reducing stress. Ultimately used to relieve aches brought by too much stress, Reiki is Read more
brahma satya reiki

The Brahma Satya Reiki

Brahma Satya Reiki is a recent evolution of Reiki which originated from India as a result of descent of Shiva-Shakti as Brahma Satya. This descent was said to occur sometime in August of 1997. It was during this time that Read more
Reiki practice and training levels

Reiki Practice and training levels

Reiki practiceand traininglevels are different when you are beginner compared to someone who has already been introduced to it. In this article, we will talk about the first four levels to give people an Read more

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Supercharge Your Chakra Practice

Supercharge Your Chakra Practice: How to Heal Your Energy Centers & Unleash the Full Power of Your Life Force

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The unique Chikara-Reiki-Do Master self-attunement which takes you to the level of Chikara-Reiki-Do Master in just 48 hours – or 24 if you’re really in a hurry...

Sound Therapy Tuning Your Biofield for Total Wellbeing

Discover Your Electric Body: Keys to Tuning Your Biofield for Total Wellbeing
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